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Why Dataverse’s Image and File columns are a big deal for Power Pages / portal projects

I’ve been doing quite a lot of #PowerPages work this quarter leveraging Dataverse’s File and Image column types.
Why are these relatively new features a big deal for portal projects?

For uploads, that might be gathering:

  • ID documents for onboarding
  • Proof of qualifications for a job application
  • Evidence of damage in an insurance claim

For downloads, that might be providing:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Brochures
  • Terms & conditions
  • Invoices
  • Order forms
  • Tickets / Booking confirmations
  • Event registrations / agendas

For multimedia, that might be:

  • Featured images for blog posts
  • Track / album artwork
  • Sponsor logos
  • Audio / video files
  • Event / conference posters
  • Staff / speaker photos

What’s awesome about these vs SharePoint documents, Note attachments or even the ‘old fashioned’ Azure Blob integration is that these meet all my criteria:

  • The files / images are natively related to our data so benefit from row-level security
  • Easy to report on and automate e.g. target and chase up all claims that are missing proof of insurance or all job offers pending a qualification certificate
  • Low cost to sore and consume (these column types leverage Azure Blob Storage… all that actually gets stored in Dataverse is metadata about the file / image)
  • They’re readily available in liquid for all our custom templating needs (using either the entities object or the Fetch XML tag)
  • They require zero setup to integrate


I have a series of articles online / upcoming showing how to leverage these:

…and there will be more to come as I uncover new scenarios! I’ll be sure to link to them here

Franco Musso

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