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Use Liquid and Fetch XML to retrieve records and populate your custom web templates


If you’ve used Model Driven Apps, Dynamics CRM / CE / Sales for any period of time, you’re likely already familiar with Advanced Find – the old reliable UI for querying data and building your own views. If like me, you love Advanced Find, good news – you can now use it to produce all the queries you need for your custom web templates.

All you need to do is hit the Download Fetch XML button…

…then copy and paste the results between opening and closing fetch xml tags like so:

{% fetchxml my_query %}

Paste your Fetch XML from Advanced Find here…

{% endfetchxml %}

We also give the query a name, this gives us an easy way to access those records. This retrieves the records for us, but it doesn’t actually output and show anything on screen. For that, we’ll generally use a for loop, which you can learn all about here 🙂

Franco Musso

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