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Imagine a close-knit community of budding portal makers embarking on the journey together, supported by portal veteran, Franco Musso.

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I highly recommend Franco for his expertise in Power Pages and the Power Platform. With his in-depth platform knowledge, creative problem-solving skills, and understanding of the intricacies of web design, Franco truly stands out as a hidden gem. There is a knowledge gap when we go from traditional Power Apps work to Power Pages, and using Franco to skill up a team is a no-brainer.

Tyler Page, Director, Solution Architect, Application Modernisation, MCA Connect

I want to express my admiration for Franco Musso, an extraordinary teacher and Power Pages expert. Franco’s approach to teaching is both artistic and practical, transforming complex Power Pages concepts into accessible and engaging lessons. His sessions go beyond typical learning experiences; they are insightful deep dives into technology, simplifying the intricate and making it enjoyable.

Franco has a gift for demystifying Power Pages’ toughest aspects. His teaching style is like a guiding light through the maze of technology, ensuring that his audience not only keeps pace but also deeply understands the material. This unique ability to make complex topics clear and straightforward sets his teaching apart.

Having personally experienced Franco’s mentorship, I can attest to the profound impact of his knowledge and approach. His support goes beyond just imparting knowledge; it’s about empowering and inspiring real understanding and application of Power Pages. This has been pivotal in my professional growth.

If you’re aiming to master Power Pages and achieve significant ROI, Franco’s courses are a must. His blend of deep expertise and clear, practical teaching makes his classes invaluable. Franco is not just a knowledgeable instructor; he’s a mentor who genuinely cares about his students’ success, making every session with him a worthwhile investment in your professional development

Will McLendon, Microsoft MVP and Senior Solution Architect & Manager, Hitachi Solutions America

Franco’s expertise and engaging teaching style made the training a pivotal contribution to my professional growth. It wasn’t just about learning; it was about understanding how to creatively apply Power Pages concepts. The personal touch, exemplified by the walkthrough of a Power Pages site resembling Spotify, left an indelible mark on my approach, making this training an invaluable part of my journey with the Power Platform. The comprehensive content was a rich tapestry, covering fundamentals to advanced techniques. This not only broadened my knowledge but immediately improved my proficiency. Overall the experience was truly exceptional.

Bhargav Reddy, Solution Architect, TCS

When I first embarked on my Power Pages journey and relied on YouTube tutorials, Francesco’s videos and articles consistently ranked among the top recommendations. As time passed, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Francesco, gaining invaluable insights into his approach when utilizing unconventional Power Pages elements and his meticulous considerations before tailoring them to specific needs. I absorbed a wealth of knowledge from him during this period. Francesco isn’t just a Power Pages expert; he’s also an exceptional educator. That’s precisely why I wholeheartedly endorse Francesco’s course as the ideal resource for anyone eager to accelerate their career in Power Pages. It will undoubtedly provide tremendous benefits.

Safwan Karim – Senior Consultant, Accelerate Tech

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The programme launches March 25th 2024.
£499 per month. That’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor, freelancer or partner and you get the added benefit of gaining the skills in-house. I reckon that’s a win-win situation.
I plan to open the doors once per year
Absolutely! Email me on and we’ll get it sorted 🙂