Guiding ambitious organisations through digital transformations using Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform

Franco has a rare skill to be able to support individuals at all levels: providing challenge, support and guidance in the right way, at the right time. He instantly adds value through his warmth, superlative skill and genuine passion for seeing others develop.

Tim Parry, The National Strategies

Photograph of Franco Musso, Power Platform Functional Consultant

Hi I’m Franco Musso and I’m a freelance functional consultant and solution architect specialising in Microsoft Business Applications. I’m all about collaboration, meaningful partnerships and long term relationships.

Along with experience, lessons learnt and technical know-how, I bring vision, stamina, unrelenting optimism, design thinking, creative problem solving, strong people skills and commercial awareness.


Let’s get something clear. I’m in business too. Unlike faceless corporations, I’ve got skin in the game. My success hinges on yours. I want this to be the start of a beautiful friendship. I’m with you for the long haul, not just the sales pitch.

I pride myself on repeat business and building lasting relationships. True partnerships. As such, I have a roster of loyal customers that have kept me on as their trusted adviser long after going live – some for over a decade 🙂

Working with me: my kind of customer

My target customers are driven, proactive, tenacious organisations looking to punch above their weight; leaders, teams and IT functions that see the potential of technology and their digital transformation as an exciting and meaningful investment in the future. I’ll help you realise your ambition, minimise the time to value and drive user adoption through inclusion, user-centric design and effective training.

I suggest we start with a walkthrough of your business’ identity and strategic goals, followed by an impartial audit of your system requirements. I’ll bring you up to speed on the strengths and possibilities offered by the platform as a whole (not just CRM), educate you on the ecosystem you’re buying into and ensuring no easy wins are missed. I’ll bring a tonne of experience, lessons learnt and advice on the common pitfalls we need to steer clear of. You’re then in a position to play to the strengths of the platform and avoid wasting effort reinventing the wheel.

My process is collaborative and hands-on. You can expect your user base to be heard, enthused and energised, with meaningful prototypes in their hands early and often

Let’s empower your workforce, thrill your customers and exceed your goals


I’m the proud Dad of 4 daughters, a life long learner and a citizen developer. When I’m not at the beach, enjoying a coastal drive, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or singing and dancing terribly at a music festival, I’m working on passion projects, exploring new features and pushing the boundaries with my favourite low code / now code tools in Microsoft’s Power Platform.

As a parent with a customer-facing background in training, I have a genuine passion for empowering others

My current passion: Power Apps Portals

In recent years I’ve specialised in extending CRM systems with customer self-service portal capabilities. I see portals as a true win-win for any customer-centric organisation; done right, they increase capacity, freeing up customer service staff and subject matter experts to focus on value-adding tasks rather than answering simple queries like “Hi, just checking where my case is up to”. They allow us to bridge the gap between business processes and customer input / feedback, removing costly bottlenecks all while improving transparency and massively increasing the return on your investment of your CRM / digital transformation.

Help your customers remotely and remove barriers of time, location, physical accessibility and language